Power Generation Pipes

Power generation in the Middle East region is projected to grow by 2.6 percent per year, from 0.6 trillion kilowatt-hours in 2005 to 1..1 trillion kilowatt-hours in 2030. The region’s young and fast-growing population and a strong rise in projected national income are expected to result in a rapid increase in demand for electric power. In 2005, natural-gas-fired generation accounted for 56 percent of the Middle East region’s total power supply. In 2030, the natural gas share is projected to be 65 percent, as the petroleum share of generation falls over the projection period. Boiler pipes are now available where the need is to support power projects in the region.

We are able to manufacture power generation pipes from 139.7 mm up to 406.4 mm, with wall thickness from 6.3 mm to 30 mm, with average wall thickness (ASTM A 106, ASTM A 335, EN 10 216-2) or minimum wall thickness (ASTM A 213).

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